PPF's National Committee

The 54-member National Committee of PPF is responsible for both setting the direction and carrying out much of the work of the organization. Members of the National Committee commit to attend at least one meeting or sponsored activity of the organization each year, to offer financial support appropriate to their level of income, to work in a hands-on way to help carry out the many projects of the PPF, and to energetically invite others into active participation in all of our activities. Members of the PPF National Committee are all ages and are quite diverse in terms of their interests. They share a common commitment to live the example of the nonviolent Jesus, to support the work of the broader church, and to enter into and transform situations of violence wherever and whenever possible. There is a nominating committee that is responsible for the roster of the National Committee. If you would like to serve the PPF in this way in the future, please contact us at info@presbypeacefellowship.org to let us know.

National Committee Members:


Class of 2015

Lois Baker - Monroe, WI
Don Beisswenger - Nashville, TN
Emily Brewer - New York, NY
Claire Butler - Charleston, WV
Barbara Clawson - Burlington, NC
Bill Coop - Brunswick, ME
Sara Dorrien - Midland, MI
David Ensign - Arlington, VA
Andrea Leonard - Atlanta, GA
Jan Orr-Harter - Aledo, TX
Bemene Piaro - Byron, GA
Luke Rembold - Newport, OR
Traci Smith - San Antonio, TX
Cathryn Surgenor - Holmes, NY
Shannan Vance-Ocampo - Troy, NY
Marilyn White - Austin, TX
Will White - Austin, TX

Class of 2016

Len Bjorkman - Owego, NY
Charles Booker - Bethesda, MD
Bill Galvin - Relay, MD
Bruce Gillette - Wilmington, DE
Abigail Heimach - Chicago, IL
Peggy Howland - Yonkers, NY
Parrish Jones - St. Augustine, FL
James McLeod - Broadalbin, NY
Don Mead - Glen Arbor, MI
Julienne Oldfield - Syracuse, NY
Jean Marie Peacock - Jefferson, LA
Libby Shannon - St. Petersburg, FL
Tim Simpson - Pasadena, CA
Benjamin Snipes - Chicago, IL
Monica Styron - Pinecrest, FL
Melinda Thompson - Bridgeville, DE
Ann Barr Weems - St. Louis, MO

Class of 2017

Jim Atwood - Springfield, VA
Christine Caton - Waterford, CT
Aric Clark - Portland, OR
Linda Eastwood - Chicago, IL
Eric Garbison - Kansas City, MO
Jim Hayes - Alexandria, VA
Judith Lee - Seattle, WA
Brian Merritt - Chattanooga, TN
Roger Powers - Baltimore, MD
Dylan Rooke - Pittsburgh, PA
Phineas Washer - Spring, TX
Terra Winston - Chicago, IL