God Isn't Fixing This

New York Daily News Cover

I no longer experience very much grief when I hear of a new mass shooting in our country. It is a sad thing to admit, but I moved beyond grief as my primary emotion a while ago, to sustained indignation. Our collective paralysis in the face of this continuing violence is maddening.

So when I saw the cover of the New York Daily News declaring that God isn't fixing this problem, and calling out elected officials who make pious declarations but do nothing to actually solve the problem it resonated with me. It strikes me as biblical in the tradition of Amos who warned that God hates our festivals and our religious music, or Jesus who said public prayers and fasting were futile and hypocritical. This is what it means that God desires mercy not sacrifice.

As one of the co-authors of the book Never Pray Again, I am of the opinion that piety without concrete striving for justice is worse than doing nothing at all. So if, like me, you're ready to do something about gun violence instead of offering up "thoughts and prayers", here are some things you might try:

Whatever we do, prayer is not enough and silence isn't an option. God isn't fixing this. We have to do it.