Conscientious Objection and Counter Military Recruitment

PPF traces its beginning to the support group for Presbyterian Conscientious Objectors during WWII. Since that time, as a community we have encouraged and supported those who take risks for justice and peace. Besides objecting to 'the good war', our community has at times been on the cutting edge of the civil rights movement, and other movements for change. We have resisted the draft for the Vietnam War, and been arrested for other nonviolent antiwar civil disobedience -- from sitting in at congressional offices, trespassing onto the nuclear weapons test site in the Nevada desert, "playing dead" during protests on the Pentagon parade grounds, and blocking railroad tracks to prevent the delivery of weapons. Some of us have even been arrested at the Presbyterian General Assembly with Soulforce, calling attention to our church's shutting out many people who have been called by God into ordained leadership. A number of us have refused to pay taxes for war, and although the risk of jail for this is minimal, the possibility of the IRS seizing one's property is real.