Apply for a PPF Peace Community Partnership Grant

Due by April 15, 2014

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) is seeking out diverse intentional peace communities across the country willing to share in its passion for peace and justice. The PPF will fund up to seven grants of $500 per month for one year to communities working for peace and justice. Each community will be expected to send two or more members to a national gathering so that we can build our partnership by learning from one another, sharing experiences, and supporting one another. Existing communities, communities soon to form, or communities still being dreamed are welcome to apply.

About the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
Our call is to encourage one another to take seriously Christ's call to participate in Christ's nonviolent work of love, peace, and justice in the world. Our mission is to strengthen the PC(USA)'s witness and commitment to nonviolence by supporting, training and developing opportunities for direct action for individual Presbyterians and their congregations. As we work to strengthen our witness, we are clear that we do not intend to replace local congregations, but instead intend to revive their ability to live a vibrant witness to the power of the gospel. We now broaden that understanding by recognizing the many ways across the church to live in Christian community outside of traditional congregational life. We desire to connect with and support intentional peace communities involved in inspiring peace work across the country.

Application and Essay
Please fill out the form below (Part A) and then submit an essay of 1,000 words or less (Part B) to provide a detailed description of your peace community. Fill out Part A first so we know the full application is on it's way, then email us the final essay (as a Word document attachment to by April 15, 2014 to be considered for the 2014 round of grants. 


Part B

Write an essay of 1,000 words or less, providing a detailed description of your peace community. Be sure to explain whether it already exists, or has yet to be created. Email your essay as a Word document attachment to Grants will be awarded to communities that can demonstrate the following:

  • An ability to balance spiritual grounding, study, and direct action for the cause of peace, nonviolence and justice in their own community and in the world;
  • A clear and shared commitment to place their faith and spirituality into practice at the center of their community
  • A commitment to a high level of interaction, either through choosing to live together, or to meeting regularly and often in person;
  • An intentionality about welcoming genuine diversity in the community, including multigenerational and interfaith diversity*
  • A willingness to partner in our reformed tradition in cooperation with other PPF affiliated communities and the PPF National Committee; to work within and beyond the church to strengthen the peace witness of the PPF, the broader Presbyterian Church (USA), and the world, though we encourage many diverse partnerships and networks outside of this PPF affiliation**
  • A clear statement about what the PPF money would be used for and a plan to meet other financial needs using the seed money from the PPF as a way to provide some key component of the stability needed to help the community to thrive (paying rent, utilities, food budget, resources for travel, etc.)

*A commitment to diversity is an invitation, not a quota - a clear desire sought by one's own community.
**We do not demand a Presbyterian or strictly Christian Identity – just a commitment to partner in our work.

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