Choosing to be a Church Committed to the Gospel of Matthew 25


The next General Assembly is likely to define our understanding of what it means to be church for many years to come. The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship sees this as a critical moment for our denomination to begin to redefine itself as an institution that will follow the movement of the Holy Spirit and locate ourselves clearly with and for those who are most on the margins of the dominant economy and social paradigm.

If, like us, are inspired to reshape entrenched institutional structures, and if you believe that this is the moment to shape our denomination's witness for decades to come, we hope you will consider using this overture to start a conversation with your own session. Together, let's make it clear that we are not satisfied with business as usual. Together, let's make it clear that we mean to take Jesus at his word and follow his example. Together, let's start a new kind of conversation.

Please let us know if you need any support, and keep us abreast of the conversations that take place in your church or presbytery.

Here is the overture on choosing to be a church committed to gospel of Matthew 25.