The Peace Breakfast

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

thanks you for a wonderful year of


at the 221st General Assembly (2014) in Detroit, MI


Wednesday, June 18, 2014
6:45 - 8:00 AM
at the Marriott-Renaissance


Keynote Speaker

"Legality, Politics, and Ethics of Militarized Drones"

Full video of 2014 Peace Breakfast:


Medea Benjamin is the cofounder of the creative women-led peace group CODEPINK and the international rights organization Global Exchange. A former economist and nutritionist with the United Nations and the World Health Organization, Medea has authored and edited eight books, with her latest being Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, which we will have for sale at GA. In 2010 she received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for her peace activism and in June of 2005 she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize collectively.


2013 Peaceseekers

Jewish Voice for Peace & the Israel/Palestine Mission Network

In 2012, Jewish Voice for Peace made significant contributions to the work of the 220th General Assembly by organizing young adults who emphasized positive, personal story-telling in a way that General Assembly commissioners found compelling. Their efforts moved the conversation away from polarized positions and toward a much deeper level of empathy and analysis of the situation in Israel and Palestine.

Since 2006, IPMN has worked tirelessly and unflinchingly to lead the church to consider new, bold ways to take responsibility for the ongoing crisis there. They were early leaders in the Presbyterian Church (USA) encouraging boycott, divestment, and sanctions as the most effective nonviolent strategies of resistance. Their advocacy and encouragement has inspired us to strengthen our own witness as an organization.


2014 Peaceseeker

Jim Atwood 

Jim, a retired Presbyterian pastor, became involved in gun violence prevention after a member of his congregation was shot and killed by a robber with a Saturday Night Special. For over 30 years he has served as board member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. He has been Interfaith Coordinator of the Million Mom March, chair of the Greater Washington chapter of the anti-gun-violence group Heeding God's Call, and National Committee member of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. He is the author of America and its Guns: A Theological Exposé.


Honorary Endowment Co-Chair

Barrie Shepherd 

Along with poet Ann Weems, J. Barrie Shepherd is Honorary Co-Chair of the Endowment Campaign of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. Raised in WWII Scotland and a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Barrie based his ministry in the United States and is the Pastor Emeritus of First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York.  Author of 15 books, most recently Faces by the Wayside (Cascade Books) and Between Mirage and Miracle (Wipf and Stock), Barrie will offer a poem as part of the PPF 70th Year Celebration at the June 18 Peace Breakfast and will present the first check from the Endowment Campaign for the work of PPF.