The Peacemaker’s Creed

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We follow Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace.
          We are a people of peace, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
          We say "no" to war, for war has no power to save us.
          We strive to embody the command to love God and neighbor.

We will not be enemies with anyone
          not those who believe they are our enemies
          not those whom we have been taught to hate
          not even those whose actions make us afraid.

We confess our complicity in a world of violence
          by believing the lie that violence can restore balance, offer security or establish peace
          by accepting the propaganda that nonviolent approaches are ineffective
          by squandering vast resources to uphold military might.

We stand with those who have no power
          with those displaced or devastated by war and conflict
          with those marginalized by systems that oppress them
          with those excluded just because of who they are.

We confront injustice
          seeking to understand how our own actions provoke conflict
          examining circumstances through the lens of scripture
          using nonviolent strategies of direct action.

We embrace a life of peacemaking, even knowing that
          peacemaking requires humility of spirit
          peacemaking requires sacrifice of privilege and power
          peacemaking requires acts of great courage, risking suffering and even death.

We commit to bold witness to our church and to the world
          reflecting, praying and acting for peace
          honoring those who have devoted their lives to the cause of peace and justice
          proclaiming that we are – all of us – God's beloved children.

For we belong to God
          and give our lives to the hope and possibilities of a world transformed.


Developed by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship's National Committee - Holy Week 2015

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