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SPOTLIGHT: "Can We Be Peacemakers for Palestine?"

Peace Seeking CycleIn June 2015 we released "Can We Be Peacemakers For Palestine?", an educational program developed by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship for religious, community and other groups interested in justice for Palestinians. The program consists of three sessions of about two hours each. The sessions could be scheduled over three separate days or all three on one day.

The first session provides the peacemaking foundation for the program. The second session describes the military occupation of Palestine and how it impacts the daily lives of Palestinian men, women and children. It includes how United States policy enables the military occupation. The third session is an opportunity for participants to utilize what they have learned to develop responses.

The writing team strived to make the program accessible, soul stirring, and motivating. The program's Facilitator's Guide is a step-by-step guide for a local facilitator. The program includes all of the required materials plus suggestions for supplemental books, movies, videos and blogs.

Download the bundle of PDF documents here. The PPF has a support team available for remote assistance. Please contact Art Hunt ( for information on using the program with your group or for other questions about the program.




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