The Virginia Tech Shooting and the Gun Violence of Our Nation

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship holds the VA Tech Community in our prayers as gun violence has again wreaked havoc on their campus as another gunman shot and killed a university policeman, then killed himself. We grieve any instance of gun violence that too often plagues our local communities and give thanks to God that preventative measures that were instilled after the 2007 massacre have held strong.

However, too many lives have been lost this week to gun violence, at Virginia Tech and in neighborhoods throughout the country. In our congregations we must talk about this tragic issue and take faithful action to ensure that fewer lives are lost to such assaults.

Bryan Miller, Executive Director of Heeding God’s Call and partner of Presbyterian Peace Fellowship said, “The gun lobby, the industry it protects and pro-gun zealots constantly push the dangerous contention that arming oneself is protective to self and those nearby, and they use events like the 2007 VA Tech massacre falsely to ‘prove’ their point. Last week’s shooting at VA Tech contradicts the pro-gun contention, as a trained and armed police officer was overwhelmed by a determined shooter.”

At the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, we cannot agree more. We seek to direct our energy and grief for those affected by this latest VA Tech shooting and rededicate ourselves to study issues of gun violence and to seeking ways to stop the flow of guns from legal sale at gun shops to illegal street sale.

This Christmas season, we hope you will raise your voice with us proclaiming “life!” in the face of death.