Giving to PPF

PPF is an independent, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. All gifts to PPF are tax-deductible. We've minimized our overhead with no office space, a large group of committed volunteers (the Activist Council), and a small number of paid staff. Gifts from folks like you - both large and small - consistently sustain our work over time. Your online gift makes PPF's nonviolence work possible and goes further by reducing administrative costs. Give where it is needed most.

Our October 21, 2017 award dinner will celebrate the nonviolent work of Melinda Thompson. A life-long Presbyterian, Melinda has been a teacher, lawyer, chaplain and activist to end the Occupation of the Palestinian people. She served as executive director of Partners for Peace in Washington DC, where she led two groups of Jerusalem Women on speaking tours around the US. After that she led two groups from Wesley Seminary to Israel/Palestine to learn about conditions there and avenues to support a nonviolent and just resolution of the persistent conflict, now five decades old.

PeaceLeaders spread their gifts over the year through recurring giving. Your regular online giving makes you a partner in our work and goes further by cutting administrative costs.
Your gift to PPF's Endowment Fund generates annual income for nonviolence in perpetuity. All investments are fossil-free and occupation-free.
Your support of the Colombia Accompaniment Program has sent over 100 PPF-trained volunteers to walk side-by-side our sisters and brothers in Colombia who continue to request our presence. Help us continue to deploy these short-term mission workers.
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