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Trial of One of Largest Mass Arrests Protesting Iraq War Begins Friday

Defendants Participated in the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq on March 16

Washington, D.C., June 20, 2007 – The trial of fourteen of the 222 citizens arrested during the March 16 Christian Peace Witness for Iraq civil disobedience in front of the White House will begin Friday, June 22 in Superior Court. The civil disobedience was one of the largest single civil disobedience actions at the White House, and the Christian Peace Witness was the largest Christian peace demonstration since the beginning of the Iraq war four years ago.

Still Working: Defying Convention in a Time of Fear

The following is Rick Ufford-Chase's sermon for the Austin College Baccalaureate Service: May 12, 2007.

Amos 5:21-24
John 5:1-9, 15-17

What is Happening in Venezuela?

A Brief Report from 2007 Witness for Peace Delegation

by Anne Barstow, Tom Driver, and Paul Driver

In January we visited Venezuela with a Witness for Peace delegation. To understand the dramatic changes that are taking place there today one must know that its immense wealth from oil has not been shared by most of the people. The extreme gap between rich and poor, plus corruption and elitism, are what have set the stage for Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution.

Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine

Eleven of us easily moved through passport control at the Tel Aviv airport.

One did not. Although born in Chicago, Miryam is Muslim and has a Palestinian name.

So we waited while Miryam was questioned by Israeli authorities.

For about two hours we waited.

No Pollyanna He: Following Jesus in a Time of Fear

Below is the sermon delivered by Rick Ufford-Chase following the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, given at New York Ave. Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., on March 18th, 2007.

Isaiah 58: 6-9
Luke 6: 27-31

Everything I am going to share with you this morning is true, except for the part that hasn't happened yet . . .

Once upon a time, not so very long ago,


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