Emily Brewer Interviews Paul Chappell

Emily Brewer sits down for a conversation on peacemaking with Paul K. Chappell, the keynote speak for the 2015 Convocation of Peacemakers that took place last week.

Re-cap of 2015 Convocation of Peacemakers

As told through social media posted throughout the event. Read the quotes, watch the videos, check out the photos.

U.S. Faith Leaders Support the Colombian Peace Process

A statement signed by 32 leaders of faith-based organizations and religious communities from across the United States in support of the advancing peace process in Colombia, urging United States government assistance for the implementation of a just and lasting peace, was released on Monday, May 18th as part of a Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia celebrated in the United States and Colombia.

The Challenge of the Islamic State and A Response Founded on Christ’s Call to the Work of Peace

As U.S. Christians, we call for a rejection of current policies of our government, which are based heavily on military power. We offer in its place an alternative approach, firmly rooted in Christ’s gospel of peace and implemented through non-violent actions in the hard work of peace, reconciliation and restorative justice. We recognize that the approach suggested here will require further elaboration.

Five Questions with Emily Brewer

Get to know PPF's incoming Co-Director