Presbyterians and Pacifism

The Presbyterian church has a long engagement with issues of war and peace. Many Presbyterians have been powerful spokespersons for an understanding of their faith that committed them to a complete rejection of war and military force as a way of resolving conflicts.

Press Release: Urgent Work on Tenth Anniversary of Colombia Accompaniment Program

A binational delegation of Presbyterians has spent the last week traveling in Colombia to carry out an evaluation of the Accompaniment Program for Peace that just passed its tenth anniversary in November 2014. The trip took on an added urgency on January 11, 2015 when the paramilitary group "Aguilas Negras" published death threats against a diverse group of human rights promoters, including several colleagues within the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia. Pastor Jairo Barriga, one of those named in the threat that he received directly by email, suggested that "in its own way, this is a clear sign that our accompaniment work has been evaluated and found to be effective by those whose interests are threatened by the possibility of an end to the armed conflict."

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr: A Sermon

Rev. Roger Scott Powers shares his sermon on racial inequity in today's United States.


For generations the words of Dr. Martin Luther King have continued to ring true that Sunday morning remains the most segregated time in the American week. Our churches are not just segregated by the faces of those sitting in our pews week in and week out, but also by the ways we continue to uphold systemic injustice in every facet of our culture. For this reason, among others, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship was dismayed to see the One Great Hour of Sharing promotional materials put forth by our denomination.

Message to the Peacemakers of the Future

When I was treasurer of PPF during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s we had a shoestring budget and a narrow focus of support for a narrow Peace agenda. I’m pleased and excited to be a continuing part of a Peace Fellowship today that is pressing forward for a more comprehensive vision of Peace and Justice today. I’m glad to work alongside the emerging leadership of our organization as they motivate us to even more participation in the agenda for a Just and Peaceful future.