The Challenge of the Islamic State and A Response Founded on Christ’s Call to the Work of Peace

As U.S. Christians, we call for a rejection of current policies of our government, which are based heavily on military power. We offer in its place an alternative approach, firmly rooted in Christ’s gospel of peace and implemented through non-violent actions in the hard work of peace, reconciliation and restorative justice. We recognize that the approach suggested here will require further elaboration.

Five Questions with Emily Brewer

Get to know PPF's incoming Co-Director

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Announces Leadership Changes

There are new changes at one of the oldest peacemaking organizations in the country. The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has announced that Emily Brewer will become the group’s full-time Co-Director, with the current Co-Director, Rick Ufford-Chase, stepping into a volunteer leadership role as Co-Moderator.

Following Jesus Means Resisting the Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a global Free Trade Agreement being negotiated between the United States and 11 other nations that will lead to greater exploitation of global marginalized communities, a dismantling of national autonomy, and the unchecked destruction of the environment. To seek the Kingdom of God on earth, we must turn away from this institutional sin and follow Jesus in the ways of peacemaking.

Update on the Displacement of Tamarindo Farmers

Thank you to everyone who has taken action on our e-alert on the serious situation in Tamarindo. The situation continues to be very fluid and the community remains under threat. We have some indication that there is some movement in some parts of the government in Colombia on this, for which we are grateful. But the threat to the community remains high. It is essential during this time that we remain at a high vigilance for our sisters and brothers in Tamarindo, ready to take increasing levels of advocacy on their behalf.