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Peace Already and Not Yet: How Presbyterians in Colombia are Working to Implement the Peace Accords [Webinar]

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The peace accords with the FARC have been signed and approved. Now what? 

How is the Presbyterian Church of Colombia involved in and supporting implementation of the accords? These are good questions. PCUSA Mission Co-Worker Sarah Henken and others will join us from Colombia to discuss current events, what implementing peace on the ground means, and how the Presbyterian Church is advocating for and working for peace. Join us for this important conversation via free online video webinar at 8:00 PM Eastern.

PPF Trains Accompaniers Still Needed in Colombia

Despite the ongoing Colombian peace process, which has led to demobilization of a guerrilla army, FARC, and to a Nobel Peace Prize for President Juan Manuel Santos, the need for accompaniment in Costa and Urabá presbyteries continues.

Opportunities and Obstacles to Peace in Colombia

Peace signed is not peace realized. That's what our partners in Colombia keep telling us over and over again, and it's what we keep relaying to you over and over again. I heard this message anew when Marta Munoz and Diego Higuita came to visit the U.S. from Colombia in May. Marta and Diego are the Moderator and the General Secretary of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia.

A Return to Colombia: Cheerful Courage

Cathy and DiegoWhy do I plan to return to Colombia as an accompanier with the Colombian Presbyterian Church (IPC)?

Largest Activist Council Gathering & Training Takes Place in Chicago

On April 27-29, over 70 members of the PPF Activist Council gathered in Chicago for training in how to apply nonviolent direct action to three area of PPF focus: Climate Change, Colombia and Preventing Gun Violence.

Join the 2017 Activist Council Calls

Activist Council members and friends of Presbyterian Peace Fellowship are invited to join us periodically for a Zoom conference call aiming to inform and equip us for the work of peacemaking.