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Expression of Solidarity from Argentinian Church

Evangelical Church of the River Plate,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manifesto of solidarity with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and with the people of Colombia against Free Trade Agreements.

Saying No to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement

By Shannan Vance-Ocampo

On July 11th, over 200 people converged in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. All were there to raise their voices to President Obama to say “NO” to the proposed U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). With all of the budget and debt negotiations on Capitol Hill, including a deadlock on approving the TAA, President Obama is yet to send the CFTA to Congress.

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Why I Got Arrested

PPF member Katie Rains shares how she came to be arrested as part of a nonviolent demonstration against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement on July 11, 2011.

Rick Ufford-Chase radio interview after arrest in DC

After being arrested (and released) on Monday as part of a nonviolent action against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement in Washington DC, Rick Ufford-Chase, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, was interviewed on the Rick Smith Show.

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Four PPF members, including Executive Director, Rick Ufford-Chase, arrested outside White House opposing Colombia FTA

Rick Ufford-Chase is arrested in front of the White House, opposing the Colombia FTA.
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July 11, 2011, Washington D.C.—Today four members of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship—Rick Ufford-Chase (Executive Director), Rev. Sally Juarez, Kevin Moran, and Katie Rains—were arrested in front of the White House in a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. They were joined by many members of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and many who came from across the country today to rally in Lafayette Park. Speakers from the labor, environmental, human rights and faith communities (including the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, Coordinator of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness) in the US and Colombia sent the message to President Obama that we are opposed to the pending Free Trade Agreement with Colombia that is projected to have disastrous affects on union workers, displaced persons, Afro-Colombians, indigenous people, farmers, and the environment.

Continue to Support Human Rights in Colombia - Call your Representative and say NO to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement

from PCUSA Office of Public Witness

Click here to call your member of Congress and ask him or her to vote NO on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

The human rights situation in Colombia has not improved since we contacted you last month. The Colombia FTA will only add to the violence, displacement and economic hardship for our brothers and sisters in Colombia. Despite this, the Obama administration is on the verge of introducing the FTA to Congress and both houses are readying themselves to pass the agreement before their August recess.

U.S. and Colombian Labor, Faith, Afro-Colombian and Human Rights Activists Hold White House Demo Against Colombia Trade Deal

With Vote Looming, U.S. Groups and Threatened Colombian Workers Protest Obama’s Push for NAFTA Expansion with World’s Unionist Assassination Capital

Washington, D.C. — Activists from the United States and Colombia gathered in front of the White House today for a demonstration against the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The coalition – comprised of faith, labor, human rights and consumer organizations – called for the Obama administration to drop its push to pass the Bush-signed trade pact.

Rally in Washtington, DC

Many U.S. Presbyterians have joined our sisters and brothers from the Presbyterian Church of Colombia to fast as an act of spiritual discipline in response to the threat of a Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Colombia. Hundreds of us have called the White House to ask President Obama to reconsider, and not to send this agreement to the Congress for ratification. Now it is time to act again.

Please consider coming to Washington DC to join us and our partners in the DC area opposing the FTA at a nonviolent witness in front of the White House.