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Protest Against Chiquita & The FTA, Cincinnati

Labor, Peace & Justice Groups -- including Witness for Peace and the USW -- are organizing a demonstration at the Chiquita shareholders' meeting in Cincinnati on May 26. As you know, Chiquita pled guilty to paying paramilitary groups in Colombia over a 7 year period, and government documents released in the past few weeks demonstrate what we have suspected all along - that these payments were not for "protection" from extortionists as Chiquita and the U.S.

Fasting to resist the Colombia FTA

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  1. Read the full instructions to discern and prepare for the fast
  2. Sign up to fast and/or join the conference call on June 1.
  3. Take action and connect with the movement to stop the FTA


Liturgical Resources

Liturgical Resources for the fast are now available. Click here.

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and the Igleslia Presbiteriana de Colombia invite you to join us in a seven day public fast, June 5-12, 2011, to oppose the U.S./Colombia Free Trade Agreement becoming law.

160 Colombian Presbyterians have already committed to join us to resist the US/Colombia FTA! Join our growing community of resistance!

We are fasting because the result of the U.S./Colombia FTA will almost certainly be hunger and increased suffering for the poorest and most vulnerable of Colombia's citizens.

Instructions for Fasting

In light of the massive violations to human rights that will be visited upon the people of Colombia, especially the poor, already displaced, Afro-Colombian, and sacred indigenous people of the land, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and the Igleslia Presbiteriana de Colombia invite concerned individuals and communities to participate in a seven day public fast, June 5-12, 2011, to end the violation of Colombian human rights that are assured if the US/Colombia FTA become law.

Webinar on Colombia FTA

It Costs Too Much! The Colombia Free Trade Agreement: Presbyterians Speak Up

Join us for a Webinar on May 27

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Colombia FTA Planning Call

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Join us for a conference call to coordinate our direct actions to stop the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 9:00pm Eastern Time

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Video & More from Convocation of Peacemakers 2011

NACLA Report on Colombia Military Bases

John Lindsay-Poland's article "Retreat to Colombia: The Pentagon Adapts Its Latin America Strategy," which was a handout at the Colombia workshop of the 2011 Convocation of Peacemakers.

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The ‘Operational Security’ of Colombian Civilians

By John Lindsay-Poland
From Fellowship of Reconciliation

During the second term of George W. Bush and the first year of Obama’s presidency, the State Department regularly disclosed which units in the Colombian military were approved to receive U.S. assistance. Although not published by the State Department, the disclosure permitted a minimal level of transparency about how taxpayer dollars were being used in a controversial war. It also facilitated minimal oversight for compliance with the Leahy Law, which prohibits U.S. assistance to any foreign military unit for which there is credible evidence that members have committed a gross human rights abuse.