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January 2014 Middle East Witness Delegation

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is seeking passionate young adults with a commitment to justice and peacemaking to participate in a delegation to Palestine and Israel in January 2014. For more information email

IPMN Boycott 101 Packet Now Available

Please visit the IPMN (Israel-Palestine Mission Network) website for all new materials on how to implement the 2012 General Assembly mandated boycott of all Israeli products from settlements on Palestinian Territory.

Action Alert: Investigate U.S. Military Aid to Israel

From the PC(USA) Office of Public Witness: Urge your member of Congress to investigate whether U.S. military aid to Israel is undermining prospects for peace in the Middle East.

InterFaith Boycott of SodaStream Launched Preceding Super Bowl Ad

Join the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, IPMN, and other faith based groups in a boycott of SodaStream.

Boycott the Gaza Invasion this Thanksgiving

by Chris Iosso
The grim truth about Israel’s cur­rent bomb­ing of Gaza is that the U.S. gov­ern­ment will do very lit­tle to limit the one-sided col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment or cor­rect the claims that this pre-election mil­i­tary cam­paign by the Netanyahu gov­ern­ment is about “defense.” The casu­alty toll already con­firms the vast inequal­ity of power, recall­ing the last inva­sion of Gaza in late 2008 and early 2009 that killed 1400 Pales­tini­ans to 14 Israelis.

PC(USA) Middle East Reports 2010-2012

The following combined reports are a helpful summary of current PC(USA) policy on the Middle East:

The Report of the Middle East Study Committee as Approved by the 219th General Assembly (2010)


The Report of the Middle East Monitoring Group as Approved by the 220th General Assembly (2012)

Download the reports (pdf)

Sign the Letter to Obama on US aid to Israel

There are currently 50,000 signatures on the JVP letter To Obama requesting that Israel not be above the US law. Please sign to help us reach 60,000.

Take Action Now for Peace in Israel Palestine!

Please raise your voice as people of faith deeply committed to peace and reconciliation in the land held sacred by so many.

PPF Supports Multi-Denominational Letter from American Christian Leaders Urging Congressional End to Unconditional Aid to Israel

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF), welcomes and supports the letter recently sent to Congress by fifteen American Christian religious leaders, including the Rev. Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the PC(USA), asking for an immediate investigation into possible violations of U. S. laws by the Israeli government in its use of materials provided by the United States. U. S. laws prohibit assistance to countries engaging in consistent patterns of human rights violations and limit the use of weapons provided by the U. S. to “internal security” and “legitimate self-defense,”specifically prohibiting using U.S. weapons against civilians and civilian infrastructure.